Mission Statement

The foundation of our preschool ministry is God’s holy word.  We believe that children are made in the image of God and take very seriously our responsibility to help educate, train, and shape the character of our students to be successful in every way for the glory of God.

We want our children to grow…


  • learning that Jesus is their Savior
  • knowing how valuable they are because God made them and redeems them
  • experiencing the love of God through Bible stories, songs and prayers


  • appreciating likenesses and differences in God’s children
  • developing their large and small muscle control and coordination
  • observing simple health and safety procedures


  • learning that their abilities are gifts from God.
  • developing their visual and auditory (language) skills
  • expanding their creativity through the use of different art and music mediums
  • establishing the foundations of reading, writing, and math


  • growing in their ability to interact socially within their peer group and environment.
  • experiencing success in working and playing individually and cooperatively.

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