We believe “Providing a Home” would meet one of the unique needs of those living in North Macon. We tend to be isolated and lonely.

We tend to live fragmented and disconnected lives, and advances in technology seems to be making matters worse. We tend to pride ourselves on “having it all together” and giving the appearance that we do not need anyone or anything.

We desperately need a place where we can take off our masks, admit our sin and failures, and be received and accepted. We long for a genuine community where we can be loved as we really are, and, in turn, love others as they really are. NMPC is committed to be that place—a home—where folks are welcomed, embraced, and loved.


NMPC’s primary task is to “Proclaim the Gospel”, for the Gospel is the power of God for salvation. To spell it out more particularly, we are committed to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, in the whole counsel of Scripture, by the power of the Holy Spirit, with Reformed theological convictions, in a caring and gracious community, so that we might present everyone perfect in Christ. Therefore, in every worship service, every Sunday school class, every small group, and every ministry of the church, we committed to proclaiming the Gospel as of chief importance for the transformation of lives.


NMPC is committed to carrying the good news of the Gospel—in word and deed—into our community and around the world. We seek to do so through strategic partnerships with ministries in our community and missionaries around the globe. We are committed to pray for, partner with, and participate in these ministries so that we might make disciples of Jesus Christ of all nations.