Missionaries Supported by NMPC


  1. Trey and Kiki Adams are a part of a church planting team in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Stan and Connie Beasley are with the 18.26 Network in Belgium to coach Christians to become “vocational missionaries”, where they use their vocations to reach co-workers and support an existing church or mission team.
  3. Brian and Mandy are preparing to continue their work in Southeast Asia where Brian will be a lead pastor of a city-centered church.  As a family, they will seek to evangelize and disciple many in the city through hospitality.
  4. Rodney and Jana Davila are transitioning to El Salvador to continue their work of planting churches and teaching and training pastors.
  5. Jonas and Christina Davison are part of a church planting team in Japan where they use the arts to build bridges for evangelism & discipleship.
  6. Jeff and Jamie are church planters in India where Jeff teaches rural pastors in a seminary.
  7. Rich and Crissy Greete have a counseling ministry to Mission to the World missionaries here in the States and on mission fields in other parts of the world.
  8. Tomo Ito is on staff with Sacred Road Ministries in Washington State and is working to establish a similar ministry to the Native American tribes in Warm Springs, OR.
  9. Clay and Hannah Jones are preparing to serve in San Salvador, El Savador, collaborating with an established mercy ministry who serves the homeless and most vulnerable.
  10. Brian and Megan Moore are involved in evangelism and church planting in Neurenburg am Rhein, Germany.
  11. Dr. Victor and Nosizo Nakah are serving in Africa where Dr. Nakah is the international director of missions for Sub-Sahara Africa.
  12. David and Erin Pervis are in a church planting ministry Greece, reaching people with the gospel through several means, one being teaching English.
  13. Mike and Eli Sabin help spread the gospel throughout Southeast Asia by means of Trans World Radio in Guam. Christian programming is broadcast to places that otherwise would have no Christian witness.
  14. Roger and Dianne Smalling write, publish, distribute, and teach reformed literature in Latin America.
  15. Dal and Beth Stanton have been a part of a church planting team in Sofia, Bulgaria. They have recently been called to do a similar work in Ukraine and are transitioning there.
  16. Noah and Karleigh Stephens are church planters in Bangkok, Thailand.
  17. Josh and Ruth Tsavatewa are working among the Yakama Tribe in Washington State, where Josh is a Teaching Elder with Sacred Road Ministries.
  18. Stephen and Sarah Young worked in Perth, Australia with the Japanese people. They are now located in Tennessee where Stephen continues his work with the Japanese and Sarah, an acclaimed author of best-selling devotional books (Jesus Calling), continues her writing ministry.